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Over the past decade, DreamArt Photography has established itself as one of the leading wedding photography houses. Our Art - based on the wish to capture Real Emotion - has created stunning memories highlighting the uniqueness of peoples’ Love worldwide. The “French Touch” we promote through first class service and unprecedented photography and videography quality has resulted in our worldwide popularity.

Today, we are proud to be located in China, Mexico, and Jamaica, and to be able to take part in life’s most significant moments for our brides. Our goal is to continue developing our unique concept of the Art of Emotion, using the newest equipment and training the best photographers worldwide, in order to deliver mind-blowing memories to each beautiful couple looking to remember their Wedding Day Forever.

"We have the most incredible opportunity to capture those scarce moments so that people can feel a Lifetime of Emotion. The tear that drops down a bride’s cheek looking at her photos is a sign that we’ve successfully captured the most unique of bonds with the Love of her Life."

- Francisco Bertoglio. Artistic Director

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Working on DreamArt is my biggest professional challenge. I feel proud of my growth as a photographer now, after 3 years in the company the artistic and technical approach to my profession has reached a level I never imagined. This year is again full of new challenges I’m eager to face!

- Francisco, Photographer

I’m very proud to have been part of the DreamArt family for almost 5 years. I’ve always felt valued, respected and I am totally committed to the companies’ growth project, which really gives me satisfaction. I feel a real passion for my work.

- Ana, Business Service

I have never loved my job more than now at DreamArt Photography. It’s a real family of international, artistic, kind and hard-working individuals. And of course, the photos and quality of service we provide are outstanding! I’m very proud to be part of the DreamArt Team!

- Emilie, Business Service

I never thought I’d find my real passion until I joined DreamArt Photography. I put 100% focus in my job and after a few weeks, I was very fortunate to discover how amazing the opportunity I was given was and how fast the results were coming in, which led to an even greater passion and devotion that I would come to have for the company. I’m very proud to be have been part of the DreamArt family these last 9 years and I’m looking forward to seeing the Company keep up with the success!

- Liliana, Zone General Manager

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